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General Meetings:

General meetings are open to all Treeby residents, TCA member and non-members welcome However only members are entitled to vote. General community issues, ideas and events are discussed. We will regularly have local government and guest speaker attendees for updates on local matters. 

When: Our general meetings are now being held bimonthly on the second Wednesday in August, October, December 2018.

Location: Calleya Sales and Information Centre.

Time: 6pm arrival for meet and greet, 6:30pm meeting start.

Executive meetings:

Executive meetings are closed. Specific TCA business is discussed such as funding applications and event organisation details. Where appropriate issues will be brought to the general meeting.

When: Executive meetings are also bimonthly on the second Wednesday in July, September and November 2018. 

Location and Time: 6:30pm, varied locations (please refer to member emails). 

Our inaugural Annual General Meeting will be held on the November 14th 2018 @ Atwell Community Centre arrival 6.15pm refreshments and nibbles will be provided. 

Nomination forms are being circulated to all financial members, if you would like to be part of the Association please send us an email and all paperwork will be forwarded to you.