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Accomplishments so far

We have successfully campaigned to Main Roads to have full access at ghostgum Avenue.

Help identify 4WD vehicles damaging forever bushland at the entrance of ghostgum which the police charged the owner and we hope to eliminate all illegal 4WD activity on the estate

Established a Free community library at Mooba cafe

Clean up of rubbish along Solomon road

Erection of a sign on Jandakot Road to better display the layout of the intersection for safer roads 

We have an annual community Halloween trail.

Projects were working on 

We would like to get a temporary footpath from ghostgum to Tapper until Armadale road is fully upgraded 

We would like to erect remember 50 in built up areas at all entrances to the estate 

We would like better lighting at Dollier road before the Solomon road upgrade takes place

We would like a bus route to the estate before the shops arrive 

We are looking forward to getting the community garden off the ground